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A greater enthusiasm in relation to the field of communication could be seen among the present youth

The development in communication technology has shortened the range of time and space and the news reaches the reader instantly. When considering this tendency, Media gains the greater advantage of the rapid growth of technology. With the use of communication technology, the newspapers have reached a competitive level through creative management and information management enabling the newspapers to attribute an interest for information within the readers and familiarizing them with information.
As a result of the rapid development in the field of Media, the responsibility of providing the public with information by reducing the range of time and space devolves on Media. It is the reason for Media to become the fourth government in a democratic country. It is essential in good governance, that Procedural Democracy such as conducting democratic elections; conforming in to the Parliament system as well as Associational Democracy to be implemented. It is vital for a democratic country to proceed with both these features and media persons play a huge role in strengthening Associational Democracy; and it is a role to be played in future as well. Procedural Democracy and Associational Democracy is connected by the knowledge socialized by media persons. Therefore, the media person should bear an extra responsibility and accountability.


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